Reinvent the wheel

Reinvent the wheel

My thoughts when publishing this picture:
I've been in numerous situations, both academically and professionally, where the desire to incorporate some new technology, lesson or idea exceeds the actual utility of doing so. In the rush to develop something new, we often fail to stop and consider whether the "new thing" makes sense and is helpful, or is ultimately an exercise in futility. Recently, I've watched it happen with the "Internet of Things" (something that I worked on as a product manager in an industrial setting back in 2005, when it was simply called "telemetry"). While I believe there *are* very real applications for the idea, the majority of the things I've seen are rubbish, novelty items. This site captures them, and also details principles to adhere to when actually doing something useful in the space. 

Something we can all do to be more efficient and effective is to focus on the needs of our customers, users and clients first, before jumping into action armed with our new and shiny thing.

Work Life Balance


My thoughts when conceptualizing this picture:

The scale of our workload often greatly exceeds that of our "life-load", and as the former grows, we tend to move closer and closer to work, to the detriment of life. The sweaty, quivering, stressed out figure is familiar - many of us, myself included, have either been there or are there, struggling with stress and anxiety. At a point, we lose our identity to the thing that we do, hence, the letter "I" on the precipice.