Innovation, by its very definition, requires taking an unorthodox approach to existing problems. In doing so, conventional wisdom gets flipped, and the new approach requires some explanation to clearly describe why it’s better.

StrongKey is an innovator in the field of data security, and commissioned us to help them describe the problem with current data security measures and how their security appliance, Tellaro, addresses the problems by taking a unique tack.

We stripped away complexity to produce a script that’s simple to understand, and combined it with lush visuals, a voiceover by none other than the voice of Barney the Dinosaur, and just the right music to accomplish their goals. The reactions when we presented it to them? “Holy wow!” from the Marketing Manager and “This is beautiful. Immediate reaction is very polished, the right look & feel for our company, and a clear message that’s accompanied by strong visuals. I’m very happy.“ from the CEO.