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A long time ago, Fear lived a quiet, content existence. He worked a desk job at a very large company with his best friend, Security. 

Fear sat in a cubicle, working on spreadsheets and presentations, and attending meetings all day long. 


Although he worked a lot, he never felt that he was accomplishing much. “That’s just the way it goes at large companies," a colleague named Jaded told him. 


Fear often wondered why nobody tried to do things differently at work. He had some good ideas for how to do his job better, and he knew other people who had good ideas too. 


“That’s the way it’s always been done.”, someone named Apathy told him. “Just do the absolute minimum and get your paycheck. Why make it any more difficult for yourself? Who cares about your ideas?” 


“I care," thought Fear. “I care . . . a lot."


But Fear, living up to his name, didn’t do anything about it for a while. 

During his time at the large company, Fear was fortunate to escape several rounds of layoffs. One day, Fear discovered that his friend, Security, was gone. As time flew by, Fear wondered if Security was merely an illusion. 


As more and more of his friends were let go, something gnawed away at Fear, reducing him from within. 

Realizing that he had nothing to fear but, well, himself, Fear quit his job and set out to bring his passion to the world. 


Fear (now a mere shadow of himself) started the company he always wanted to create: a company that generated big, bold and beautiful ideas, and brought them to life. 


So, what did Fear do?