ClearSketch was officially born exactly 5 years ago today. It has evolved significantly in that time, both to meet clients’ changing demands, as well as to keep pace with the contemporary marketing environment. In half a decade, ClearSketch has done work for clients ranging in size from a one-man startup to heavyweights in the Fortune 500. While the services and clients are diverse, the things that initially sparked the company to life, and which continue to drive it forward, have remained the same. Those things are:

  1. A focus on the power of ideas
  2. A commitment to finding effective ways to tackle challenges. 

One such challenge that I pushed us towards was born out of a frustration that I had outside of work.

As much as I love taking photos and shooting videos of the places I travel to, I just can’t stand lugging my equipment around. When I’m doing work for ClearSketch’s clients, I specify and use professional equipment, such as the RED Epic, the Nikon D800, Canon 5D series and the Sony A7s. These are high end, no compromise tools, and they’re expensive, bulky and heavy. However, when I’m capturing images for personal use, I want to be mobile and discreet. I want to move about without being encumbered, and I don’t want to be the target for criminals who want to get their paws on my gear. How do I accomplish those goals? Enter the iPhone.

When Apple released the iPhone 5s, they shot their TV campaign with the device. Bentley, the luxury car manufacturer, has shot commercials with the iPhone. A film that was an official 2015 Sundance Film Festival selection was shot entirely on an iPhone. All those things combined gave me enough confidence that the iPhone had good enough quality to be my main camera. However, it suffers from poor ergonomics, doesn’t have interchangeable lenses, is difficult to accessorize, and is not particularly rugged. That’s where ClearSketch comes in. 

Over the last few months, ClearSketch has been designing and developing a product that will address the shortcomings of the iPhone as a camera. It’s the first of what we hope will be a system of products that will enable iPhone users to create amazing content without any compromise. We’re officially giving it life today, and dedicating Feb.28, 2016 as its birthday. We’ll occasionally share additional details with you in the future, but if you’re curious to learn more, please visit www.heliumcine.com