High speed, babies and precious moments

We had tons of fun working on our latest project, which involved 6 babies and a high speed camera! Our client, Summer Infant, wanted a fresh, unique brand video to accompany the launch of their new Born Free Breeze baby bottle, an innovative, 2-piece baby bottle (traditional bottles have anywhere from 3-6 pieces). The Breeze helps parents to spend more time creating special moments with their babies by reducing the time it takes to clean bottles.

We captured those precious moments using the Phantom Flex 4K, a super high speed camera, which enabled the micro-expressions of the parents/baby interactions to be captured clearly. The slow motion shots reveal a lot about the depth of emotion and the connections between baby and parent, and it has turned out to be one of our favorite projects. Working with babies and high speed cameras is challenging, but loads of fun, and the work we produced helps to paint a wonderful picture that depicts the amazing relationship between parent and child.