Content Marketing Strategy + Execution


ARCA is a fast-growing provider of retail banking hardware solutions. When ARCA decided to shift to inbound marketing as a way to generate sales leads, we worked with them to put together a content strategy and editorial calendar to help them do so. We started by researching their existing customer base and target customer segments to really understand who they were and what issues they were grappling with.  We then created buyer profiles and mapped content topics to each specific profile, and the different touchpoints across the sales funnel. This helped to ensure that prospective customers saw relevant and useful content, and helped them develop trust in ARCA as a provider of solutions.

As with any inbound strategy, creating a large volume of high quality content that fits the strategy and narrative of the organization is a constant challenge. Content creation can be an arduous and expensive effort - both to manage, as well as to produce.

ARCA trusted us again for help with their content needs, and we delivered a high volume of original content that matched their positioning, while providing a single point of contact, at a reasonable price. Grappling with the challenges of content marketing? Reach out to us to see how we can help you.