We’re a borderless collective of marketers and creatives, led by our principal Brandon Hoe in Durham, NC. He has an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke and an Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue, has owned marketing responsibilities for products worth a combined $4 billion, and produced and directed creative assets for companies such as Honeywell, Lenovo and Michelin. As both a businessman and an artist, Brandon's middle-brained nature informs our approach: you may find yourself working with an Emmy winner, top MBA graduates, and award-winning animators.

We pick the best talent for the task at hand and create work that is beautiful, rule-breaking, and grounded in years of marketing expertise.



Market Research + Marketing Strategy

We deliver sound market research and a crystal-clear marketing strategy. We can help with positioning, messaging and identifying new market opportunities.


Videos and Photography

From conventional videos to 3D animation to show-stopping photography, we’ve got your visual needs covered. We provide the complete range of video services, from concepts and scripts to production and editing, significantly reducing the need for your involvement.

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We provide everything you need to build your brand; from logo development, to brand voice, brand personality development and brand guidelines. 


Storytelling + Content

It’s science: stories create lasting human impact. We’re experts in using them to create the best possible outcomes for our clients. We craft cohesive content strategies, develop editorial plans and create the content that helps you position your company as the experts in your field.



Our operating philosophy is simple: our virtual agency model allows us to mine our network of brilliant freelance creative brains all over the world. Our clients range from Fortune 500 stalwarts to growing nonprofits, and we understand the needs of everyone along the spectrum.

Our office space: humble. Our expense accounts: slim. Our attitudes: the complete opposite of divas. Your money goes directly into gaining an intimate knowledge of your customers, developing the biggest ideas we can conjure, collaborating with the best possible talent we can find, and keeping our minds open and hungry. That's how we keep our clients coming back for more.



In our story, determination conquers Fear.